Public Hubs

The listed hubs allow public registration for the Hubzilla network. All hubs in the network are interlinked so membership on any of them conveys membership in the network as a whole. Some hubs may require subscription or provide tiered service plans. The hub itself may provide additional details.

Hub URLAccess TypeRegistration PolicySoftware
freeapproveHubzilla 8.8.7

Berlin, Germany

freeopenHubzilla 8.8.7

United Solar Satanists of Rhodesia - Confoederatio Helvetica outpost

freeopenHubzilla 8.8.7


freeopenHubzilla 8.8.2

Berlin, Germany

freeopenHubzilla 8.8.7


freeapproveHubzilla 8.8.6


freeopenHubzilla 5.0.8
freeopenHubzilla 8.8.7


freeapproveHubzilla 8.6.3


tieredopenHubzilla 8.9.7

Sherbrooke, QC

freeopenHubzilla 5.4.2

Kane County, Illinois, USA

tieredapproveHubzilla 8.8.6


tieredopenHubzilla 8.8.7
tieredopenHubzilla 7.6.1


tieredopenHubzilla 8.8.7
freeopenHubzilla 6.4.2


freeapproveHubzilla 8.8.7
paidapproveHubzilla 9.0.2


freeopenHubzilla 8.6.3

United States

freeopenHubzilla 7.2.2

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